Experience Alms Giving Ceremony "Sai Bath"


What is Alms Giving?

Alms giving is one of the most common practices among Lao Buddhists, particularly the Buddhists in Luanprabang. It’s a way to support the monks, who study and practice the Buddha’s teachings, by offering them food.

  Early in the morning in Luangprabang, you will usually see devotees nicely stand in a long line along the road giving alms to Buddhist monks.


Why Do Alms Giving?

  • To support Buddhist monks who are studying in the temples
  • To dedicate merit to ancestors who passed away to preserve the culture of Lao.


How Should We Do?

  • Observe the ritual in silence and contribute an offering only if it is meaningful for you and can do so respectfully
  • You will be provided with offerings from our hotel in order to offer them to the monks
  • Do not stand too close to the monks when offering food.
  • Dress appropriately: shoulder, chests and legs should be covered
  • Do not make physical contact with the monks.
  • After giving alms, pouring water to the ground to give a signal to the mother of earth that you have practiced the morning alms giving (Usually pouring water to the ground will be practiced at the same time when receiving blessings from the Buddhist monks)



Where? & HOW TO BOOK:

It is available to book at the hotel. We provide Lao dessert, we called "Khao Tom"



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