Showcases for Laos Natural Resources

Indigo farm has rich soil, abundant water sources, and many levels of terrain, perfect for growing a large variety of fruits and vegetables that are indigenous to Lao. Many of them provide natural dyes used in adding color to food, drinks and cloth. You will see these plants growing in the wild and cultivated in the organic farm.


Sustainable, Environment Friendly

"Organic" means more to us than it is just being grown without the use of chemical fertilizers.

The aim of indigo Farm is to become totally sustainable, using produce and products are grown on the farm and recycled on the farm. We use traditional methods to grow our crops, and we rotate our crops to insure that vital nutrients are returned to the soil.

Economic Growth for Lao People

With introduction with the Mushroom House to Indigo Farm, we expect to create a market for mushrooms and introduce new varieties that can be sold. With product that are easily grown, harvested and sold, more jobs will be available and a better standard of living can be provide for the villagers that work at the farm.


We are dedicated to providing you fresh and vibrant foods form our organic farm.  We focus healthiest food for our menus, highlighting nature cooking methods. In addition to the great Indigo Farm is an ideal setting in which to enjoy being out in nature.


Natural cooking classes

Natural Cooking Class offers you more and different means of cooking, It is simple, but you will have wonderful experience, handpicking ingredients form our organic farm. You will learn how local lao cook healthy foods and enjoy the dishes you prepare using those methods.

Mushroom House Experience

Dont't miss out on this experience. You will learn how to plant and grow mushroom, one step at a time, from local farmers.

Paddle Boats & Dining on Boat Services

Make it a special getaway for family, friends or loved one to enjoy with our paddle boats and dinning on boat service on the lake

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